Stated topics and speakers
10:00 - 10:30
Plenary session - Current trends in regulating and monitoring insurance activities and their impact on the insurance sector
Welcome speech 

Vladimir Khvalei, Partner, Baker & McKenzie; Chairman of Borad, Russian Arbitration Association

Session 1 - Current trends in the development of the judicial practice in the insurance industry
Moderator: Yuri Kolesnikov (PhD, Professor), Managing Partner, Center for Business Development and Support "Opora", member of Russian State House Expert Committee on Insurance 


Samiev Pavel, Managing Partner NAFI, Executive Director "Insurance Institute" 
- Fogelson Yuri, J.D., Prof. HSE; Senior Partner, Russian Association of Insurance Lawyers
Krupnov Andrey, Head of committee, Russian Consumers Union
- Algazin Alexey,  President, Association for Insurance Safery in the Russian Federation; CEO, Centre for Insurance Rights; CEO, Bureau for Court Expertise

Topics to be discussed:

• The current insurance sector and it's influence on the quality of services. Interaction between market players -  insurers, policy holders and the regulator - staus quo and potencial for improvement.

  • Analysis of the practice of resolving insurance disputes in state courts - private law aspects. Litigation and its impact on the insurance market from 2013-2015.

• Protection of consumers' rights – factors to consider in insurance related cases. Peculiarities of consumer related dispute resolution 

• Extrajudicial and judicial examination as proof of insurance disputes.

Session 2 – Main aspects of settling insurance disputes
Moderator: Lilia Klochenko, Board member, RAA; Managing Partner, Law Firm AKP Best Advice


- Dedikov Sergey , Senior Partner, Russian Association of Insurance lawyers
Shnaydman Dmitry, Partner, KIAP
- Saranchouk Constantin, Partner, Kennedy's 
Sergey Slepets, Head of Legal, “Capital Reinsurance”
- Zhdan-Pushkina Daria, COO, Association of insurance lawyers; Representative, Redstone Chambers
Loboda Andrey, PArtner, Lodoba, Filimonov and Partners 

Topics to be discussed:

• Criteria for recognition of an event as an insurance case in different types of insurance. Grounds for refusing or honouring insurance claims and payouts. 

• Resolving insurance disputes and  determining damage claims  (insurance payouts) on personal insurance. 

• Resolving insurance disputes and  determining damage claims  (insurance payouts) on property insurance, liability insurance. 

• Features of legal regulation of reinsurance. Synchronising conditions of insurance and reinsurance contracts.

• Russia's re-insurance legal sector - case studies.

• Informational obligations in today's marine insurance sector.

14:00 -15:00
15:00 -16:30
Session 3 – Alternative methods of settling insurance disputes
Moderator: Vladimir Khvalei, Chairman of the RAA Board, partner Baker&McKenzie


George Lambrou, Partner, Thomas Cooper International
- Gaëtan Zeyen, President of the arbitration court of Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Russia, Attorney-at-Law at the Brussels Bar
- Dmitry Lysenko, Senior Associate, Baker & McKenzie
- Lilia Klochenko, Board member, RAA; Partner and Chairman of the Board of Directors at Law Firm AKP Consulting

Topics to be discussed:

• Concepts and characteristics of sector specific arbitration proceedings. International experience in developing and promoting sector specific arbitration.
• Insurance and reinsurance dispute resolution: alternative methods.
• Prospects for the development and implementation of sector specific arbitration in Russia, in resolving insurance disputes. 
• RAA's concept for the development of the RAA Insurance Arbitration regulation. Insurance arbitration regulation. 
Closing reception